To convert a manufactured home from personal property (chattel) to real property (real estate) in the State of California, it requires the home to be placed on a approved permanent foundation and the recording of a Housing and Community Development (HCD) Form 433 A.  The process is required by the lender or the title officer (or both) and provides security to the lender, Title Company and the homeowner in two ways:

  1. It unifies the manufactured home and the land, thus establishing them as a piece of real property.
  1. Provides recorded proof that a State approved and engineered foundation has been installed to the home.

At Ambassador Manufactured Homes we make obtaining a recorded 433A fast, seamless and affordable by performing every step of the process from start-to-finish, providing you a turn-key solution. Our 433A services include:

  • Providing all needed drawings and plans
  • Obtaining all required Building Department permits
  • Installation of a California State approved foundation system
  • Removal of axles and running gear as required
  • Submittal of a Foundation Certification; required for all FHA and VA Loans
  • Scheduling and attending all building authority inspections
  • Recording of your 433A.

Most clients choose their products and services based on price, quality, customer service, and availability.

Costs-At Ambassador Manufactured Homes you will find our pricing is very competitive at $2,995. It may vary slightly based on mobile home size, access and permit costs. Please feel free to contact us today for a price quote at 951 757-4315.

Quality-Many systems are State approved, however they are not created equal. Many companies will use a proprietary system, but the factors that should be considered are sturdiness and ease of adjustment should the home ever need to be leveled. Some lending underwriters may require re-certification every two years; and over time there may be settling or shifting that occurs, causing the ground under the home to move. This may later require the foundation to be adjusted. Some proprietary systems are much more complicated, labor intensive and costly to adjust than others, therefore it is important to install a foundation that will be simple and cost effective to maintain.

Our Permanent Foundation System is State approved, sturdy, long lasting and simple to adjust, if needed. Our standard for quality is to provide our customers a product that adds value for the life of the home.

Customer Service-Our mission is to provide you with friendly, prompt, honest and valuable information. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have in regard to your permanent foundation, the process, and your manufactured or mobile home. We have over 20 years of experience helping Home Owners, Investors, Real Estate Professionals, Lenders, Title Agents, Escrow, Insurance Companies and Contractors. If we can’t help you, we will be happy to refer you to someone who can.

Availability-We understand that time equals money. The entire process (providing all documentation is in order*) normally takes less than 10 business days to complete. Contact us today for pricing and details by calling us directly at (951) 757-5315 or emailing us from our contact us page.

Additional services we provide are:

  • Initial Foundation Inspections
  • 433A Certifications
  • Foundation Retrofits
  • Foundation Repairs
  • Earthquake Resistant Bracing (ERBS) or Seismic Retrofits
  • Plumbing installation
  • Home leveling

Documentation Requirements

In order to obtain permits for your 433A Permanent Foundation you will need the following:

  • The Mobile/Manufactured Home Title. The title must be in the current owners name and must match the name on the Grant Deed of the property. Additionally, the home must be free of any liens. If there is an existing lien on the property you must satisfy the lien or obtain the written permission of the lien holder prior to receiving permits.
  • The Grant Deed for the property where the home will be affixed. The name of the landowner on the Grant Deed must match the name of the person on the Mobile/Manufactured Home Title.

Title Requirements

For the lender, investor, attorney or title officer with curative title problems in California, or if you are unsure if there are Title problems, we are your turn-key provider for title resolution on real property, such as incorrectly registered manufactured homes, un-released liens, prior owner still on title, lien not off record or affixation (433A) not recorded.